Punk yoga
Design concept for yoga studio in punk style. The entrance area with the reception, refreshments and shoe boxes was especially in this spirit. In this case, colored OSB boards, EU pallets, rope nets, free-hanging light bulbs, etc. were very suitable as material for furniture production. The main part of the workout space was already in a more moderate spirit and mostly in white. Board paints were intended for the drawings of the exercises and the timetable. The changing room for women is located behind a mirrored furniture wall, which was used to divide the space and, on the other hand, also serves as wardrobes.
Shops and stores design
Lino showroom
Design of a Lino Design showroom for their branch in the Housing and Design Center on Kaštanová Street in Brno. Two variants of space solution. Both variants are combined with white and blue tones on the seats.
Shops and stores design
Hotel Krumlovská pohádka
Rennesaince house with a certain background story is located in the square, whose vaulted ceiling is decorated with painted crest, directly demanded for it to be designed in a romantic spirit. Each room is tuned in a different genre, in a different color combination and workmanship.
Hotel interior design
Family apartment in Krumlov
The apartment for four people is part of the  Vltavská pohádka Hotel in Krumlov. The high attic space enabled the construction of a maisonette, where a double bed can fit comfortably. The second one is in a separate bedroom. Color and boating theme is also used here. Mesh, wallpaper and country-style textiles complement solid furniture. All this enhances the pleasant atmosphere of accommodation in the attic.
Restaurants interior design
Watchmaking Real TIME
Design of watchmaking in OC in Hradec Králové. The dark wood decor on the vinyl floor, which merges into the front wall trim with the TV, contrasts with the light wood decor from which the built-in furniture and wall paneling with illuminated watch cases are made.
Shops and stores design
Vodácký hotel
In Český Krumlov, we designed the Vltavská pohádka hotel located right by the river, so the main inspiration was the boating theme. Each room is always designed in a certain color. The solid country furniture is combined with TON Ironica chairs, the wall paneling made of natural oak is complemented by colorful paintings and wallpaper. In some rooms, the beds are designed as "ovens". There are also stylish boating and fishing decorations, in the form of paddles, nets, a wooden bucket or an original lamp in the net.
Hotel interior design
 Massages & yoga
Design of yoga studio Samadhi in Kroměříž. Massage salons and exercise rooms are decorated with a typical mandala on a light brown spatula. Furniture and floors in natural oak (in a variant in mud oak). The benches under the windows cover the heating of the room and large mirrors are also a necessity, which lighten the space and at the same time serve to check the correct execution of exercises.
Houses and apartments design
Jewelry store Bisaku in Ostrava
Jewelry store Bisaku in Ostrava. There's a large-format wallpaper on the wall from the company Tres Tintas - Alandalus.
Shops and stores design
Yoga Kroměříž
Interior design of a yoga center in natural shades and materials. The relaxing atmosphere is completed by light ramps, shading technology, a fine trowel on the walls and OM symbols. The changing room is designed in more muted colors, for lower implementation costs, standard wardrobes are used, but their clever color combination makes the interior interesting.
Shops and stores design
Boutique for yachting clothes, Karlovy Vary
SAIL EXP specializes in yachting clothing, which is adapted to the design of its store. The wooden wall cladding resembles the deck of a ship, gray hangers and the floor sea level or cloudy sky, the blue backlight in the floor is like illuminated waves.
Shops and stores design
De Dietrich showroom
De Dietrich shwroom designed interior design interior store kitchen appliances oak cast floor. The interior is colored to the corporate shades of the brand. The displayed appliances clearly stand out, but at the same time they are integrated into the interior in a natural way.
Shops and stores design
Lingerie boutique
The interior is decent so it harmonizes with the selling product's character. Design of a lingerie store is equipped with divided shelves and wallpaper on the walls for a pleasant feeling from the interior.
Shops and stores design
1. Showroom FINEZZA design
The showroom is continuously divided by partitions with tiles made out of natural stones or with a luxury wallpaper, which complement the exhibited designer furniture in individual parts of the interior. The individual parts of the space is designed for a specific product sets. High-quality vinyl floor in grayish color brings out both exhibited products and the decorated partitions and walls.
Shops and stores design
Boutique in Karlovy Vary
Design of a clothing boutique in Karlovy Vary. The simple concept of shelves offer a large number of exhibition spaces without overcrowding. A discreet color combination of a vanilla and coffee brown makes the exhibited products stand out. Transparent hanging system in the middle of the room presents clothes in a funny and elegant way and maintains the overview of the store at the same time. Club chair complete the place with a pleasant atmosphere. Interior is divided into women's section - the front part and the mens back section. 
Shops and stores design
IET real estate agency - Prague
Modern interior with walls with a concrete trowel. In contrast to the dark brindle carpet, white counters with red lacquer boxes stand out. Black corpus of storage spaces interestingly frame the furniture.
Receptions and offices design
Light Vision - light showroom
The showroom is designed so that the exhibited lights stand out as much as possible. Therefore, the individual elements are tuned to gray, with a lighter accent of the tiles in the zebra. The floor with dark tiles further emphasizes the light sources - the exhibits on display.
Shops and stores design

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