2+kk in light shades in Brno
This smaller apartment is mostly designed in glossy white and beige, complemented by a matte cognac oak wood pattern and a drop of blue. The kitchenette ends with an adjoining dining table, which is seamlessly connected to the the TV wall. The table is an dividing feature and seperates the kitchen and living room. Thanks to the use of same materials and colors, everything merges into a whole, the zones are not disturbed and the whole space looks peaceful.
Houses and apartments design
Bedroom with red wallpaper
When entering the bedroom, at first glance you see a distinctive red wallpaper - Exception Fleur Rouge. The furniture and wall paneling are made of dark tobacco oak in combination with a black gloss. In contrast, a light oak floor, a cream upholstered bed and a beige mottled carpet were chosen.
Bedroom design
Pharmacy Repas
Renovation of the interior of the Alphega pharmacy in Prague based on the company's design manual. As usual, pharmacies are also decorated in white with the green elements on both the shelves and the sales counter.
Shops and stores design
Reconstruction of a prefabricated mini kitchen
In a small kitchen, in a small space, we tried to make the best use of every bit of space available. In the main zone of the kitchen we find a space for preparing meals, a sink, a hob and a small built-in dishwasher. The opposite line consists of a built-in furniture with an oven, a combined refrigerator and a dining bar table.
Kitchen Design
Interior colors, including the home office
Both spouses found a working space in the family house. Two seperate study rooms were furnished in a different style. For the lady of the house in natural light tones with gold wallpaper, for the gentleman in black blue design. The living room is dominated by earthy colors, green in the paintings, textiles and a glass panel behind the TV. For the attic bedroom, shades of neutral gray were chosen.
Houses and apartments design
Variations of living room with kitchenette
Accessories and details in a fresh green color were used to enliven the interior in the first design variation. For example, green lacquered handle profiles on the kitchen counter, the back of the library or illuminated display cases, or home textiles and upholstery. In the second variant, the interior is tuned in a more neutral brown-gray combination.
Living room design
Hidden bed in the living room
According to the owners' wishes, we also incorporated a folding bed into the design of this living room, which is hidden in a wardrobe set. With a simple maneuver, the bed is folded down and the living room is transformed into a guest room. It's a comfortable bed with a quality mattress and sleeping on the couch is kind of a thing of the past.
Living room design
DELL - Cafe
For visitors to the administrative complex, the space of a small café has been designed, which is equipped with both elevated seating on bar stools and upholstered armchairs and sofas. The existing ceiling was partially painted with anthracite paint, the wall merged with the ceiling and thus created certain optical zones.
Restaurants interior design
House interior on request, Prague
In this interior design light shades blend with nougat brown. Kitchen unit is made of silky white in combination with natural oak wood decor. Material and colors are repeated on other equipment throught the house. The painting is also unified, nonwoven wallpapers with a plant pattern in a soft apricote tone decorates the dining room and the bedroom. They are combined with a metallic gray wall trowel.
Houses and apartments design
Studio apartment for a lady
Purple and pink are the ladie's favourite colors and in this tones, in combination with neutral creme and natural oak decor is designed this studio. The raised bed optically defines, in the common area, the sleeping and living part.
Houses and apartments design
High gloss living room
The spacious living room with exposed trusses,  where its height is accentuated by the black tile by the aquarium and a gray wall trowel above the fireplace, which protrudes from the surrounding white painting. But the rooms are certainly dominated by a TV set with a veneered wall with a distinctive drawing of an exotic Indian apple tree. All furniture and paneling is made of black and white lacquer combined with this veneer. Everything is painted in high gloss.
Living room design
Walnut kitchen with dining area
The initial task of the reconstruction of the kitchen with a dining room was subsequently extended by the requirement to restore the living room and the staircase to the first floor, which rises from the dining area. The ground floor is dominated by white, which in contrast is complemented by a dark brown walnut decor with a few accents of black and yellow.
Kitchen Design
A student apartment 2+kk
Apartment design for a student couple. Neutral gray and brown tone were complemented with a soft turquoise and pink color. The interior looks cheerful and youthful.
Houses and apartments design
PROVEON - reception and an entryway
The shape of the rounded curve, which is used in the design of doors, tiles and reception, was a unifying element in the design of the renovation of Proveon's entrance areas.  
Receptions and offices design
Modern design of an attic apartment
Attic apartment with a large open space for living room, dining room, kitchenette and bio fireplace in the middle. A more durable floor trowel was used in the kitchen area, which also visually enchances this space. The dominant feature is a worktop made of black marble, which is repeated n the conffee table and TV table. The space is decorated with clinker tils and gray metallic painting.
Houses and apartments design
 The interior of the girl's room in pink and purple tones
Materials for the manufacture of furniture are offered in a wide range of color shades and decors, just choose. The choice was clear for the young lady: Pink-purple combination. The girl's atmosphere is completed by plastic decorations on the wall in the form of butterflies and flowers.  
Kids room design

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