Designers. Who we are?

Viktor Sinajský
+420 774 424 683
Milan Vrbík
design manager
+420 774 424 683
Jan Kratochvíl
interior designer
Kateřina Kálalová
interior designer | architect
Tomáš Trnavský
interior designer
Veronika Ovšonková
interior designer
Michaela Kubátová
Interior designer
Juraj Vanca
3D grafics, interior design
Jakub Kramárik
interior designer and photographer
Josef Jurčík
interior designer
Gabriela Rydlová (Ronzová)
Interior and product designer
Jitka Daňková
Jan Kopřiva
Landscape architect, florist
Boris Hála
architect, designer, writer, pedagogue
Anastazia Hurtová
decorator | interior stylist
Šárka Tomická
Graphic designer, photographer
+420 774 424 683
Břetislav Kotulán
Geodetic works
Jan Koutník
Product designer
Karel Kobosil
IN MEMORIAM - designer, conceptualist, pedagogue
Martin Foret
Product designer
Who are the ATAKmen?
Who are the ones who make up those beautiful interiors?
We are a team of creative people, lunatics maybe with a huge pressure of ideas.
Every design and every interior is an original individual story.
We love to create new stories for places whose story is grayed out already or where no one has printed a story for them yet.

...and we are very happy to be able to create an interior story together with you!