Michaela Kubátová

Michaela Kubátová
She became interested in interior design at the age of 17 in the field of interior design in the high school. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in furniture design from Mendel University in Brno, where she is currently pursuing a master's degree in interior design. As a student, she participated in several student exhibitions, for example in the Governor's Palace of the Moravian Gallery in Brno, twice at the student competition Grand Prix Mobitex, where in 2018 she received an award from the ATAK design studio. In the same year, Michaela represented the university at the Design Shaker show in Prague.
The ATAK design award for the semester project, which was the minimalist mute servant "Alfi," that's where our mutual relationship started :)

During Michaela's studies, she gained experience both abroad and in other domestic companies. For example, when designing exhibition products, or in a company that deals with the processing of interior equipment for the export to the USA.
  • Nowdays, Míša focuses mainly on residential interior designs created exclusively on order.

"I do speak english"