Commercial interior design

POTRUSIL project
Company premises of the furniture company Potrusil 2in1. The space is used for the presentation of offered services, products or materials, as well as an office or meeting room for employees, which show their office lines directly in the area. In the interior design, in addition to neutral gray, white and wood, we mainly used the company's green color, which appears, for example, on painting, upholstery or parts of carpet strips.
Receptions and offices design
TDK EPCOS - Outdoor relaxation area for employees
You need to take a break from work sometimes. That is why we designed the company's relaxation zone, which is part of the exteriors of the complex. We help modern companies create offices that respect the corporate identity and visual style.
Receptions and offices design
 Project Office
 The construction company's office is equipped with atypical furniture in a semi-industrial style. Combination of furniture in white, gray and oak decor from LTD, black metal bases, cantilever shelves or ramps for pendant lights and white clinker brick tiles. The company's red color is reflected in the parts of the wall painting, the color of the screens and the hanging light bulbs E27. All furniture is designed as handle-free - tip-on.
Receptions and offices design
Study room almost in the woods
The central element in the study is a large-format forest wallpaper right at the entrance to the room. Immediately afterwards, the oak veneered 3D cladding with a mirror and the entrance door with hidden door frames, which blend in perfectly with the cladding, attract your attention.
Receptions and offices design
Hotel Krumlovská pohádka
Rennesaince house with a certain background story is located in the square, whose vaulted ceiling is decorated with painted crest, directly demanded for it to be designed in a romantic spirit. Each room is tuned in a different genre, in a different color combination and workmanship.
Hotel interior design
JETSAAM GYM - Fitness shop and cafe
For the JETSAAN GYM training center in Brno-Vinohrady, a rest area was designed for refilling fluids after demanding (not only) martial arts training, a café for guests and athletes, as well as for presenting the team's achievements, titles and belts. The industrial style in neutral gray is complemented by a distinctive red color. Simplicity and practicality, what more to add.
Restaurants interior design
Family apartment in Krumlov
The apartment for four people is part of the  Vltavská pohádka Hotel in Krumlov. The high attic space enabled the construction of a maisonette, where a double bed can fit comfortably. The second one is in a separate bedroom. Color and boating theme is also used here. Mesh, wallpaper and country-style textiles complement solid furniture. All this enhances the pleasant atmosphere of accommodation in the attic.
Restaurants interior design
The Renaissance space with a vaulted ceiling  was decorated in a rustic style with the theme of an "old barn". The interior is complemented by wooden furniture and stone decorations, which evokes feelings from Viking times. An interesting element in the interior are the hay bundles located above the bar.
Restaurants interior design
Kitchen studio GLANC Praha
In a relatively small space to present the most of the menu as possible. Demonstrating a balanced overview of styles, materials, possible combinations, types of doors, worktops, which sink, appliance or lighting to choose. Offering practical, functional and aesthetic solutions. And of course styling, "settling" of space, tightening to the last dot. The customer should be able to see the diversity of products, get an idea of ​​what the studio is able to provide, how to solve any detail. Even the little things matter.
Shops and stores design
TDK EPCOS - Offices and a training space
Natural oak wood decor insulates otherwise simply furnished office spaces. Neutral white-gray furniture from standard elements from the Lino Design company is not only practical, but also aesthetic. It's complemented by custom-made furniture in the same design.
Receptions and offices design
TDK EPCOS - Reception and public areas
With the entrance hall and reception, we make the first impression. Materials such as black Lacobel, granite and wood paneling are sufficiently representative.
Receptions and offices design
HENRI CAFÉ -  Henri II cafe
A café with a shop was opened next to the coffee roastery, furnished in the same style as the branch in Prague. Quality natural material such as solid oak, retro hexagonal tiling with a majolica pattern, the original parquet floor was followed by a gray trowel with the appearance of concrete, industrial accessories.
Restaurants interior design
The restaurant and bar in the hotel by the river Vltavská pohádka, which we present in the Hotel Design tab, are designed in the same colors and boating theme.
Restaurants interior design
HEIDELBERG CEMENT GROUP - IT Operations Brno - Company terrace
A modern company takes care of its employees, knows their needs and knows what pays off to increase work productivity. The IT division of the Heidelberg Cement Group - Global IT Operations bet on the construction of an outdoor leisure and work space in the atrium of its office building.
Receptions and offices design
Wine shop in a family house
When building a new house, wine lovers did not forget to create a basement space for a home wine shop. The central high table with bar stools for more people is made of solid wooden boards and robust metal legs. Metal and wood decor is repeated on other equipment. The atmosphere is complemented by its sound and image built-in AV system and large-format illuminated foil, wallpaper creating the impression that it is a spacious wine cellar with many barrels (certainly still full).
Restaurants interior design
 HEIDELBERG Cement Group - Kanban multimedia roomt
Kanban room is equipped with mobile folding tables, their layout can be easily adjusted according to current needs. The walls are provided with magnetic smart walls paint, in one part with kanban schemes, magnets can be written on and attached repeatedly. The room is connected to video conferencing and fully multimedia.
Receptions and offices design

Interior design of commercial places

It is a space that serves people mainly for commercial or recreational purposes. These are mostly offices, hotels, lobby bars, restaurants, cafes, spas, schools, shops, pharmacies or a golf clubs. Home design is a completely different chapter. The role of the commercial space designer is to create a functional and aesthetically interesting space that respects its purpose, function, safety, investor requirements and respect for its corporate identity.

Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of this space, the design of commercial space is an integral part of your company's communication to both customers and your employees. Interior design is then an integral part of the lifestyle of your products, services or the whole company!