Interior design of offices and training rooms of Partners in Brno

Partners' offices and training room are equipped with ergonomic furniture that supports dynamic sitting.

Separate rest area

The desks are placed in groups of four or two, each of them equipped with a mobile storage container and two monitors. The rest area is separated by slatted dividers and offers both a sofa and beanbags with side tables and a television for relaxation. Liveliness is added to the office with wall-mounted flower boxes.

Training room with projector

A spacious training room with a colorful carpet floor is equipped with several places to sit in rows behind each other. The rows are distinguished from each other by using the decor of the table top alternately. One of the boards has an oak decor, the other is pure white for a change. At one end of the room there is a screen with a projector, the other end offers the possibility to store clothes.

Oak in the interior

Oak is again used in the boardroom, exclusively on a black-framed wall panel behind the television or table top. The table with a metal base is surrounded by eight upholstered armchairs, there is also a high blackboard with a glossy surface, which allows drawing and writing with a marker.

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