Jan Kratochvíl

Jan Kratochvíl

He studied furniture and interior design, among other things, under the guidance of some members of the Atak design - Boris Hála a Milan Vrbík. During the time in school, he tried to participate on real projects, which he succeeded mainly on a one-year study internship in Finland. The culmination of this effort and his whole studies was a diploma thesis - a table design for a specific manufacturer. He won twice the award of Mr. prof. Halabala and successfully participated in several other design competitions. He mainly focuses on interior design, furniture and lighting, a bit of graphics and product design as well. In his work, he tries to emphasize content and its form. He stands for that design should make people think - about the object, the context and itself.

2008 – the award of prof. Halabala  – non - furniture item ( PET lightning )
2010 – a one-year study internship in Kymenlaakson University, Kouvola, FIN
2011 - the award of prof. Halabala – interior design (Sauna Origin(al))
2012 – Absolvent of Development and Creation of furniture at Mendel University in Brno

Jan Kratochvíl
Interior designer


Hotel Krumlovská pohádka
Rennesaince house with a certain background story is located in the square, whose vaulted ceiling is decorated with painted crest, directly demanded for it to be designed in a romantic spirit. Each room is tuned in a different genre, in a different color combination and workmanship.
Family apartment in Krumlov
The apartment for four people is part of the  Vltavská pohádka Hotel in Krumlov. The high attic space enabled the construction of a maisonette, where a double bed can fit comfortably. The second one is in a separate bedroom. Color and boating theme is also used here. Mesh, wallpaper and country-style textiles complement solid furniture. All this enhances the pleasant atmosphere of accommodation in the attic.
Vodácký hotel
In Český Krumlov, we designed the Vltavská pohádka hotel located right by the river, so the main inspiration was the boating theme. Each room is always designed in a certain color. The solid country furniture is combined with TON Ironica chairs, the wall paneling made of natural oak is complemented by colorful paintings and wallpaper. In some rooms, the beds are designed as "ovens". There are also stylish boating and fishing decorations, in the form of paddles, nets, a wooden bucket or an original lamp in the net.
Blue apartment
The elegant hotel suite, decorated in gray and navy blue, features simple, solid oak furniture. The suite evokes in us can create a luxurious yet cozy impression and makes you feel like home here.