Milan Vrbík

Milan Vrbík
Milan studied Furniture Design at Mendel University in Brno. During his studies, he passed through scholarships in the USA and Finland. During his doctoral studies, he focused on his current passions –  design management and project management. Milan also received certification according to Swiss IPMA standards. As a co-founder of design ATAK, he devotes his leisure time to charitable activities and is the chairman of the board of the endowment fund supporting children in need.

Milan is merely making the projects run.

Career milestones:

2002 2009 – as a young designer Milan receives various academical prizes and award for his products
2005 2009 – teaches Interior design courses within Boris Hala and Design Project Management at Mendel University in Brno
2007 - with Viktor Sinajský and colleagues he has founded the design studio Viewart s.r.o.
2009 - 2015 – together with a business partner he has led the company Finezza design s.r.o., which provided Italian furniture design
2010 - 2012 – found non-profit platform DEZZIGN point under the professional guarantee of Karel Kobosil where he has organized design competitions for students and exhibitions of various authors
2011 - together with Viktor Sinaisky, he has found a new design studio ATAK
2012 -2015 – has become an executive director at Finezza reality s.r.o. and launched real estate services with his business partners in cooperation with the Realitní společnost České spořitelny
2013 – with Boris Hala and collective he is a co-author and co-publisher of (Vutium) “Kobobook” tributed to his friend and colleague Karel Kobosil who was a former founder of Czech Design Center
2013 - 2018 – with the descendant of the famous violin manufacturer Luca DM Stradivari, he has developed the business operations of the Stradivari design brand on the local market
2014 - became a cooperating consultant at Green plus, focusing on design management for medium and small companies
2016 - parallelly with the ATAK design studio, he also worked as a consultant under the implementation company czechdesign management s.r.o.
2016 - devotes his leisure time to charitable projects at the Pro dětský smích Foundation, where he helps as a member of the foundation's board of directors. He has been in charge of management, fundraising. He also co-organizes charity auctions at PLES JAKO BRNO in cooperation with other charity subjects
2018 - Milan's volunteer activities are also connected with the Kultura & Management, z.s. association, who co-organizes the Brno architectural festival OPEN HOUSE BRNO

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MORAVIA CANS - reception
At first glance, the reception room looks modern. Pressed aluminum is used as a cladding for the reception desk, which is color-coded to create graphics corresponding to the company's logo. The white elements are combined with the green color and as an interesting element on the reception desk is its part made of dark wood decor.
WEINGUT TAUBENSCHUSS - Private winery  Poysdorf
We also designed the premises of a family winery in Austria. At first glance, it's clear that the dominant feature of this room with a beautiful vaulted ceiling is a stunning central table with an oak plank top and an industrial steel base. Oak beams are inserted in the base for an even more pronounced effect, which also serves as a foot support. The floor consists of artificially cut and tanned oak boards.
ČESKÁ BŘIDLICE company - Meeting room for VIPs
Luxury lounge for VIP customers. There is also a crystal chandelier, patchwork carpet, modern audio and video equipment and, of course, a large built-in bar. The dominant element is the oak floor, which passes smoothly to the ceiling.
AXA Insurance company– Creative spaces for company
Rain forest on a workplace. Precise digital photo-wallpaper in combination with stained wood makes the office kitchen a real relaxation zone. Another from the creative spaces is canteen in sci-fi style. Again the smart use of digital wallpapers in combination with transparent chairs Gyza and printing of table desks imitated control panels creates a really dynamic atmosphere. Gaming room in street style is furnished more sternly which completes the specific atmosphere. The most prominent element is satellite image on the ceiling. The meeting room furnished in a corporate, fresh and modern style fits into the overal fynamic interior concept of AXA.
Hotel room with a bathroom
The untraditionally designed interior of the hotel suite has many attractions. Bathroom and the main room is divided only by a glass table, which optically enlarges the room and illuminates the bathroom. Under the window there is a relaxing sitting, which saves space. Pleasant natural materials are chosen in combination with complementary color and light wallpaper.