Karel Kobosil

Karel Kobosil

(*22.12.1945 - # 2.11.2012)

Designer - Founder and 17 years director of the Design Center of the Czech Republic
- professional guarantor of the DEZZIGN point
- Director of the Scientific Board of the National Gallery in Prague
- Member of the Scientific Board of FAVU VUT  in Brno
- 8x won an award for outstanding design
- He made 24 episodes of television documentaries about design
- In the 1990s, together with Boris Hála and Juraj Kadlec, he founded the ID center studio
- Designed more than 50 exhibitions focused on design
- Participated in group exhibitions of Czech design - eg Paris, Vienna, Helsinki, Brussels, Warsaw, Moscow, Shanghai
- He has 7 author exhibitions - Brno, Prague, Berlin, Munich…
- He is represented in the collections at Umprum Museum Prague, National Gallery Prague, Moravian Gallery in Brno, Moravian Museum in Brno and in private collections
- He was repeatedly named Person of the Year of the City of Brno

Karel Kobosil engaged in lecturing and publishing. He is still quoted in several professional publications. His name appears in several encyclopedias / Who is who and Encyclopedias of design /. Domov není modla

Embassy in Washington DC, USA, 2009 Authors: Karel Kobosil and Pavel Matoušek
Venice Biennale, Italy, 2010 Authors: Karel Kobosil and Pavel Matoušek