3D visualizations, virtual reality

The design of a garden house with an outdoor kitchen and its own wellness area
The family house with a spacious modern garden has both an indoor pool and an outdoor kitchen.
House facade design
Reconstruction of the exterior of a family house with an indoor pool and terrace
The exterior of the house is tuned to earth tones of colors in combination with natural wood.
House facade design
Study of the exterior of the wooden construction of the weekend house
The design of the exterior of the weekend house in the form of a bungalow is a combination of a white facade, wood and black accessories.
House facade design
3D Visualization - Design of the exterior of a new building with a garden house
The facade of the new building is decorated in white in contrast to the black windows and entrance doors. Wooden cladding is also used here.
House facade design
3D Visualization - Graphic design of the facade of the Prague family house
The facade of the family house in Prague is tuned to earthy tones. White is combined with cream and dark brown complemented by natural lamella dividers for shelters.
House facade design
3D Visualization 360' - 2kk new building Pilsen
Interior design of a model apartment for a developer in neutral natural shades.
3D visualizations
3D Visualization- Design of a family house facade České Budějovice
Design of wooden paneling of the facade of a family house in a light and dark shade.    
3D visualizations
Petrof - 3D Visualization and 3D piano models
3D Visualization and 3D piano models for Petrof company. Visualization of pianos. Design Petrof.  
3D visualizations
3D Visualization - Swimming pools and swimming-pool halls
Visualization according to the design of Ing. arch. Aleš Fiala.
3D visualizations
3D Visualization - Family house in Hoštěnice
Exterior visualization of a family house with a terrace.
3D visualizations
Spíme.cz - 3D Models and Bed visualizations
Visualizations of beds for the Czech distributor of beds spíme.cz
3D visualizations
3D Visualization- Atrium IT company
The small atrium in the company's premises is inspired by the Japanese style and represents a pleasant relaxing space for workers. It also makes the view from the meeting room more pleasant, to which it is connected by a large window. Part of the design is an artistically acting water element.  
3D visualizations
3D Visualization - Biovendor buildings - new building's study
3D Visualization - Biovendor buildings - new building's study. Architectural design by Ing. arch. Boris Hála.
3D visualizations
Developer project Slunečné domy, South Moravia-​3D Visualization
Residential resort under Pavlovské vrchy serves as a recreation for lovers of South Moravian wine and contains many areas of cultural and social activities. Architectural design by Ing. arch. Boris Hála.
Visualization of a golf club design
Visualization of a golf club design for Artspect a.s. company.
3D visualizations
3D Visualization 3D model of a historical fountain in Bučovice
The model was made on the basis of detailed photographic data and data measured by a laser 3D scanner. It should help with the ongoing restoration of the castle fountain. It's also possible to create a reduced model of the fountain by using 3D printers.  
3D visualizations

3D photorealistic layouts, visualizations, virtual reality, 360 degree layouts, cooperation and support for designers and architects.

As part of its know-how and computer hardware background, ATAK Design also offers services for architects, designers and industrial manufacturers who need to present their ideas and products in 3D, photorealistic HD, virtual reality, augmented reality. 3D visualizations of interiors present the value of an idea, emotional emotions, ideas or design of a product before its actual implementation or as a support for its sale.