Kitchen design

Dark matte kitchen design using natural materials
The spacious kitchen is tuned to black tones in combination with natural oak and gray stone countertops.
Kitchen Design
Kitchen interior design with country style gallery
At first glance, the interior of the family home looks cozy and evokes a classic country atmosphere.
Kitchen Design
Kitchen design with golden concrete screed combined with dark walnut veneer
The "U"-shaped kitchen is located under the suspended ceiling with a built-in hood and spotlights.
Kitchen Design
Spacious kitchen with black stone worktop and dark walnut
The L-shaped kitchen is a combination of semi-matte white cabinets and a black stone worktop.
Kitchen Design
Kitchen interior design in a combination of blue and yellow colors
The kitchen with an island is designed in an unusual combination of colors, which are complemented by dark walnut veneer and light concrete screed.
Kitchen Design
Design of a rustic kitchen with a living room in soft blue and gray tones
In addition to shades of blue and gray, the living space is also dominated by a rustic floor, which carries the tones of the colors used in the interior.
Kitchen Design
Design of a living space inspired by a classic English kitchen
The interior is designed in a classic style using dark colors in combination with dark solid wood in gloss.
Kitchen Design
Design of a large portal kitchen with two refrigerators
The design of a portal kitchen in a family house with two refrigerators is tuned in contrasting colors.
Houses and apartments design
Kitchen with living space of a family house in an eclectic style
The living space in an eclectic style is tuned to tones of green with yellow and orange elements.
Kitchen Design
Kitchen design of a small apartment with American elements
From the point of view, this interior gives the impression of an American sitcom, thanks to the striped structure, which is used both on the wall tiles and on the furniture elements.
Kitchen Design
Kitchen design for gentlemen
This kitchen with living room has a very distinctive combination of colors (white, black and walnut veneer) and luxury materials (marble, glossy lacquer, glass, floor and ceiling trowel, wood, leather and stone slate veneer). The kitchen zone itself is illuminated through the Barrisol ceiling foil, which can achieve pleasant, glare-free light. The kitchen unit is followed by a table top made of walnut veneer, which is untraditionally supported by a glass top.
Kitchen Design
Rustic kitchen in a modern concept
Cozy rustic style, in a modern way? Yes, it's possible.  Apart from the white furtniture, the same light oak wood decor is used on the furniture as it's used on the window frames. The lightness of the interior is not disturbed by the floating floor in the shade of polar oak and the painting in old pink - called Ballerina, which is repeated in a group of lights above the dining table.
Kitchen Design
Spacious kitchen with dining area for eight people
The pantry door discreetly merged with the furniture wall with built-in appliances. A large area of ​​furniture is "broken" by the variety of materials used, colors and depth of cabinets. The dominant feature is a kitchen island with a hob and bar seating. The kitchen is entered through the adjacent dining room with a large table, where eight (up to ten) people can comfortably sit.
Kitchen Design
Kitchen with cooking island plus living room
There is a space extractor and a decorative light ramp hung on the backlit ceiling target, which, due to its size, copies the kitchen island with a gas hob. This variations of the hob was taken into account during the design and the gas and electricity distributions were brought to the island in the floor.
Kitchen Design
Black and white kitchen in harmony with the living room
Spacious modern kitchen with adjoining dining and living area. The materials used, white lacquer, the texture of natural oak, the tones of black on the furniture, the wall paneling and the worktop are intertwined.
Kitchen Design
Multifunctional kitchen island
In addition to preparing food and cooking, the island in the kitchen often serves as a bar seating area. In our case, we chose a different solution. We added a lower L-shaped cabinet part around the island and with that we have gained storage space and, above all, another place to sit.
Kitchen Design

Interior design of kitchens

The kitchen is like the cockpit of an airplane. The chef is a pilot. We design luxury beautiful aircraft packed with the latest technology, comfort and adhering to strict ergonomic rules. Our kitchens also respect the unique design of the entire interior. Do you want to try? Take a look at our planes!

Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of this space, the kitchen is important for the quality of food preparation and is an integral part of your lifestyle!