Design of a modern black kitchen with distinctive oak wood decor

The dark modern kitchen is designed in such a way that even after years it will look stylish and timeless, thanks to the black color and distinctive wood decor.

Black elegance

The black color in the interior gives the impression of elegance and luxury at first glance, which is helped by the oak wood decor on the cabinet doors. The L-shaped kitchen is equipped with handle-free doors, built-in appliances and a white part with cabinets near the ceiling. The design of the kitchen thus looks sleek and clean, but at the same time it also provides enough storage space.

Ambient lighting

At the same time, the part under the window gives the impression of levitation, thanks to the anchoring in the wall and the LED backlighting of the space under the lower cabinets. There is also ambient lighting above the worktop, behind which there is a dark concrete screed.

The kitchen also includes a dining area with a round table and five upholstered dining chairs. The suspended ceiling with tiling and backlight can also boast an interesting design.

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