Design of a rustic kitchen with a living room in soft blue and gray tones

In addition to shades of blue and gray, the living space is also dominated by a rustic floor, which carries the tones of the colors used in the interior.

Rustic elements in the interior

The living room offers seating right by the fireplace, either in the form of a sofa with a chaise longue or a sofa. Fireplace stoves with brick cladding provide the possibility to store wood for the flood in the form of an extended stone slab, above which there is a storage space.

Blue kitchen

Blue is also present in the kitchen. Matte kitchen cabinets with black handles contrast with the light oak worktop. Behind the work space there is a shiny board that optically enlarges the space. The kitchen island offers two places to sit at the bar, but there is also a spacious dining table. Dining chairs and armchairs are not the only seating options. A bench with a cushion can also be used.

In addition to the brick cladding, which is also found on the central column and parts of the walls, the walls are also decorated with gray and blue concrete screed.

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