Redesign of the interior of the Mark Pjetri jewelry store

The interior of the Mark Pjetri jewelry store is designed in an elegant style dominated by white marble and gold accessories.

White marble

The entrance to the jewelry store is decorated with a gold logo on white marble, while glass windows with shelves offer a view into the store space. The walls of the store are divided into showcases with LED backlighting and golden elements. Exhibition counters with a golden metal base and logo are placed closer to the walls, thus creating a space to pass directly to the sales counter.

Gold accessories

The sales counter with a long display case offers a place for consultations with upholstered armchairs, which are also decorated with gold in the form of a structure. Gold was not forgotten in the lights either. Whether it is the so-called "ring lights" or original lights in the shop window. Lighting is also provided by spotlights.

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