Jitka Daňková

Jitka Daňková
Flower designer working in the field for 11 years. Thanks to a family horticultural company, she gained a general overview in all given industries, so she had the opportunity to choose and grow professionally. Gradually, she specialized closely only in floral design.

2001- own flower studio - floristics, floral design
2004 - external lecturer of the Vyškov Educational Institute
2008 - co-owner of the company K + K zahrada s.r.o., head of the floristics and floral design section
2010 -author of a new product in the field of vertical greenery - Flower pockets
A floral composition, like any other work of art, breathes life into every space. It creates home out of the apartment, from the office a pleasant place to work, from the wedding day an unforgettable experience. Individual approach, uniqueness, dynamics, change, a piece of nature at home. That is the goal of her work. She understands every project as teamwork, only then, according to her, the result can be perfect. The biggest award for her are returning clients.

Jitka Daňková