Lino showroom
Design of a Lino Design showroom for their branch in the Housing and Design Center on Kaštanová Street in Brno. Two variants of space solution. Both variants are combined with white and blue tones on the seats.
Shops and stores design
Kitchen separated by a partition from the furniture
There was no need to build a partition to change the layout in the open space, the custom made furniture set served just as well. TV wall on the living room side and high cabinets on the other side, from the kitchenette.
Houses and apartments design
Design of children's rooms for girls and boys
Demonstration of the use of large-format wallpapers in children's rooms for girls and boys. The girl's room is in a pink-purple combination with a wallpaper of a Japanese cherry, the motif of which was selected from the databank and customized. For effect, it is completed by randomly distributed plastic flowers. In the boys' room, the selection fell on Star Wars-themed wallpaper, and the placement of the furniture and its colors developed from it.
Kids room design
Turquoise in a small apartment
For the interior of small apartment was chosen a combination of white, warm gray and natural oak and a contrast turquiose glass cladding. Turquoise decorations pleasantly refresh the whole space. A sitting bench by the dining table (hidding storage spaces) seamlessly turns into a folding sofa. There are two variations of the TV wall in the proposal.
Houses and apartments design
EUREST offices
Eurest catering offices in Slovakia. The modern open space of the office with more workplaces was furnished with standard furniture, neutral white and gray are cheered up by green and blue accessories, among them we can name, for example, the Sylphy office chair.
Receptions and offices design
Interior of a small two-room apartment
The lack of the space in smaller apartments can be managed by merging sevelar functions into one. For example in this flat, in the living room with kitchen, the bar counter serves as a dining table and workspace at the same time. Interior is tuned to the light colors, which are optically elarged the space. The room looks simple and clear.
Houses and apartments design
Kitchen with living room and dominant library
Kitchen with living room, where the main feature is a large library. The interior is a combination of green and white glossy laminate, dark smoky oak and gray complementary colors on textiles and dining chairs. Tempered glass glued to measure is used as a wall covering for the worktop in the kitchen.
Kitchen Design
Interior design of a room for a student
Student room inspired by polygonal graphics, which appear on the composition of carpets, wallpapers, lamps, tiles and notice boards. The turquoise painting around the bed is made with a so-called clever paint, which is writable.
Kids room design
Bedroom interior design in section
 One wall is rounded, the other wall curved. The furnishing of the bedroom in this atypical space is designed in two variants. The double oak double bed is a typical product, only the chests of drawers breaking along the wall are made to measure to exactly copy its curvature.
Bedroom design
Lush green interior of the children's room
Green, green and…? Yellow, as a complementary color, on textiles with neutral white in a children's room for two children.
Kids room design
NESTLÉ - Cafeteria
Creating a business cafeteria design for employees is always a pleasant challenge. Nice and functional environment for a lunch break, sitting with a coffee, gaining energy and with a taste for work.
Restaurants interior design
Concrete and oak in the bathroom
The prefabricated bathroom and toilet can be renovated with practicality and elegant taste. The combination of gray and wood decor adds a touch of space, here in particular paving and tiling with imitation concrete and natural oak decor on bathroom furniture. Neutral white is represented here by sanitary ware and waterproof wall painting.
Bathroom design
Interior revitalization of a family house
The interior revitalization design of a kitchen, living room, study room and a hall with a staircase in the family house near Brno. The original cabinets and a gray worktop in the kitchen have been preserved. The original cabinet doors were replaced with new ones made out of high gloss white lacquer, the upper cabinets are made of natural Hamilton oak wood decor. New furniture of the rest of the house was also made from these materials. The glass wall tiles are made of blue and yellow Lacobel. A new in is also an upholstered furnishing such as customized sofa and an Egg armchair.
Houses and apartments design
Children's room in a combination of baby pink and mint colors
Mint-pink baby room for a little girl. The storage space above the beds is in the shape of a roof and creates both a functional and playful aesthetic solution.
Kids room design
Living space with concrete ceiling
An interesting decoration is created by the cast concrete ceiling in the living room with kitchen, which was left in a rough construction form. Furniture materials, such as the decor of natural Halifax oak and anthracite laminate, unify the space. The kitchen part is optically separated only by a dining table standing in the room, enlivened by yellow chairs. In the living area there is also a work corner hidden in the cabinets next to the TV.
Living room design
Mable living room
Stone has been used in interiors since time immemorial, but nowadays, thanks to the high purchase price, natural marble can now be replaced by other materials that mimic its appearance and surface. An example of this interior: worktop in the kitchen - postforming board or artificial stone, TV cladding - ceramic cladding, stone veneer or HPL laminate on the DTD base plate.
Houses and apartments design

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