Design of a large portal kitchen with two refrigerators
The design of a portal kitchen in a family house with two refrigerators is tuned in contrasting colors.
Houses and apartments design
Bedroom interior design with two wood options
The interior of a spacious bedroom in a family house is designed in two different variants, which differ from each other in the wood used.
Bedroom design
The interior design of the home wine shop in soft earthy tones
The home wine cellar in the family home is set in soft earthy tones with the use of solid oak wood and stone cladding.
Restaurants interior design
Children's room design with yellow, green and blue accents
A children's room with French windows along the entire length of the wall is decorated in yellow, green and blue tones.
Kids room design
Interior design of a family house in dark walnut with a wine bar
The design of a family house with a home wine bar is tuned to earthy tones in combination with dark walnut.
Houses and apartments design
Interior design of the main living area using annealed wood
The interior of the living space is dominated by dark annealed wood, which is used on most of the furniture elements used.
Houses and apartments design
Design of the living space of a family house in blue
The living space of the family house is tuned to blue-grey tones in combination with solid oak.
Living room design
Home wellness interior design with gym
Home wellness interior design offers everything a person needs to relax.
Bathroom design
Natural bedroom interior design with an accent of green and orange
A simple colored bedroom is designed in a natural style dominated by shades of green with an accent of yellow.
Bedroom design
Design of brightly colored bathrooms in a family home
Bathroom designs in two color variants have a lot of useful gadgets that not only save space, but also look stylish.
Bathroom design
Design of a bright children's room with IKEA accessories
A boy's room for a young athlete is tuned in pastel colors in combination with patterned wallpaper and wall stickers.
Kids room design
Interior design of natural log bedroom with bathroom
A log bedroom with exposed beamed ceilings and solid flooring connects to a natural bathroom.
Bedroom design
Design of a family house in a modern style with home wellness
The clean design of the family house is underlined by the combination of oak wood with light stone cladding and structured screed.
Houses and apartments design
Kitchen with living space of a family house in an eclectic style
The living space in an eclectic style is tuned to tones of green with yellow and orange elements.
Kitchen Design
Interior design of a women's bedroom in red with its own dressing room
The women's bedroom with corner French windows is designed in a delicate feminine style using oak wood combined with red.
Bedroom design
Family house design in eclectic style
The family house in an eclectic style is tuned to beige tones with blue elements with contrasting white and black kitchen.
Houses and apartments design

We design private and commercial interiors, interiors of apartments and houses, as well as interiors of institutions and companies.

We design creative interiors. We are really enjoying design! At AŤÁK, dreams of living become a reality.


We are designers, architects and planners focusing on interior design, product and graphic design. We mainly do interiors of private apartments and family houses, but we also touch the architecture and design of gardens around family houses. Take a look at our design of apartments and houses, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and children's room design.

We like to take the serious challenges of commercial interiors and design for corporate premises, pubs, bars and restaurants, hotels or store interiors. For many companies we process only 3D models of their products and for architects we process 3D Visualizations of architectural designs.


When designing the interior, we combine a creative approach, thoughtful details, practicality, functionality while respecting the client's requirements.
We work for clients worldwide, online, or personally all over the EU.


Entrust us with your interior design! Believe that your project will be in the hands of lifestyle and functionality professionals!

.... ATAK design is a JET of ideas!

"Interior design will clearly help in its implementation. It will ensure the efficient use of space in the apartment. Interior design combines beauty as much as possible with functionality and maximum use of space. Even small spaces can create a beautiful, modern room or classy women's boudoir."