Children's room under the roof
A large and open space with beams is inhabited by a sister and a younger brother. The atypical attic demanded custom-made furniture.
Kids room design
Kitchen with cooking island plus living room
There is a space extractor and a decorative light ramp hung on the backlit ceiling target, which, due to its size, copies the kitchen island with a gas hob. This variations of the hob was taken into account during the design and the gas and electricity distributions were brought to the island in the floor.
Kitchen Design
Children's room for a little girl
 A white base was chosen, followed by a fine gray, natural wood decor and pastel pink plays primarily. The Fundermax material was used in gloss and matte. The device significantly reduces the narrow space and the slope of the attic.
Kids room design
Bedroom with canopy in anthracite
 A canopy bed. This is how the bed looks at first glance thanks to the paint behind the head that goes into the ceiling panel with LED lighting (so-called starry sky). Oak veneered furniture is combined with gray matt lacquer. Bedding in darker shades will also add elegance to the space.
Bedroom design
HEIDELBERG CEMENT GROUP - IT Operations Brno - Company terrace
A modern company takes care of its employees, knows their needs and knows what pays off to increase work productivity. The IT division of the Heidelberg Cement Group - Global IT Operations bet on the construction of an outdoor leisure and work space in the atrium of its office building.
Receptions and offices design
Apartment interior with blue lacobel
The blue Lacobel glass was used not only as a lining behind the kitchen unit, but also in the background of the office. The glass surface is magnetic and can be used as a notice-board. Together with the brown-stained oak wood decor, repeating on the kitchen cabinets, wall paneling, TV set and storage furniture in the office, bedroom and hallway, it adds togetherness to the entire apartment. It is completed by other materials such as white and gray tone matt lacquer and a uniform vinyl floor in natural oak decor.
Houses and apartments design
Children's room for twins
This room will be used by two little brothers to play and sleep. In a narrow space, the beds follow each other in line.
Kids room design
Wine shop in a family house
When building a new house, wine lovers did not forget to create a basement space for a home wine shop. The central high table with bar stools for more people is made of solid wooden boards and robust metal legs. Metal and wood decor is repeated on other equipment. The atmosphere is complemented by its sound and image built-in AV system and large-format illuminated foil, wallpaper creating the impression that it is a spacious wine cellar with many barrels (certainly still full).
Restaurants interior design
Stylish guest room
The guest room is more of a suite, consisting of two spaces. Living room and bedroom. These are separated by a furniture set from a TV wall from the living room and a wardrobe on the side of the beds. Varnished surfaces together with the vertical texture of Makasar and a decorative wall trowel create a sign of luxury. Backlit wall panels illuminate the room in an ambient way. The floor in the bedroom is partially covered by an atypical custom rug.
Bedroom design
Black and white kitchen in harmony with the living room
Spacious modern kitchen with adjoining dining and living area. The materials used, white lacquer, the texture of natural oak, the tones of black on the furniture, the wall paneling and the worktop are intertwined.
Kitchen Design
Design of colorful children's rooms
 Bed houses are very popular among younger and older children, it's their kingdom where they feel safe. It supports their creativity, is used for games such as a house, a climbing frame and a bunker. The color concept enlivens bright spaces, it is repeated both on the furniture and on the painting.  
Kids room design
Reconstruction of a 2 + kk apartment
Small apartment with kitchenette, furniture in a combination of white lacquer and light oak freely passes from the kitchen to the living room. The room also serves as a bedroom. The space for the kitchen has been used to the maximum, the cabinets reach up to the ceiling, the storage spaces are always suitable!
Houses and apartments design
Living room with staircase
Part of the spacious living room is a rounded staircase, which was newly lined and fitted with a railing with a chrome surface. The front of the room is created with a furniture wall. Visible wood decor is a honey oak veneer, combined with a foil door in white and beige gloss and lacquered glass tiles behind the TV.
Houses and apartments design
Children's room in turquoise and blue tones a bit differently
Shared children's room for two boys. Everyone has their kingdom, but they are still together. The original elements are furniture frames around windows, beds, notice boards, etc. They intertwine with each other, creating a working, storage and storage space.
Kids room design
Multifunctional kitchen island
In addition to preparing food and cooking, the island in the kitchen often serves as a bar seating area. In our case, we chose a different solution. We added a lower L-shaped cabinet part around the island and with that we have gained storage space and, above all, another place to sit.
Kitchen Design
A blue room in the attic
We can see a small room in the attic for a small aviation fan in two variants of used wallpapers. The thematic accessory is a wall library, which took on the form of a biplane, there is also a propeller. The bed is incorporated on a raised stepped podium. Through its steps you enter the game room-relax zone.
Kids room design

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