Luxury home wellness design with gym

The interior of a luxury home wellness center with an indoor pool in the center of the room is equipped with an elegant waterfall that gives the space a sense of natural charm and a peaceful atmosphere.

Interior details

The pool is surrounded by natural materials such as stone and wood, which give the space a warm and welcoming look. Daylight enters the room through large windows that offer panoramic views, while interior lighting adds soft tones and highlights the elegant lines of the ceiling beams. Comfortable lounge chairs and a sofa offer space for rest and relaxation, while rich greenery in corner pots add freshness and vibrancy to the overall design, creating the perfect place to regenerate body and mind.

Green wall

The interior is also equipped with a cozy home wellness area. The focal point is a hot tub with massage jets, which creates an inviting place to relax and unwind. Next to the hot tub is a vertical green wall that adds life to the space. The room is flooded with natural light and details such as candles and a small side table contribute to the overall atmosphere of well-being and relaxation.

Home gym

There is also a modern home gym with premium equipment. The space is illuminated by a large amount of natural light that passes through the glass part of the roof, while artificial lighting greatly emphasizes the high ceiling. The gym has a wide range of fitness equipment, including treadmills, exercise bikes, weight machines and exercise mats, indicating that the space is designed for comprehensive physical training. A large mirror wall is placed on one wall, which not only artificially enlarges the space, but also allows users to monitor and correct their form during exercise. In the background, there is a hint of a connection to another relaxation zone, suggesting that the gym is part of the whole wellness complex in the house. The overall design is minimalistic and clean with accents that lend the space an elegant and sophisticated look.

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