Men's living room with a lake view

Lake house

Luxurious men's living room in a non-traditional place with the lake view. Cladding of the ceiling of oak planks, which run along the rounded wall to the floor. The sofa set is from the Bonaldo-Peanut company, designer chaise lounge LC4 by Le Corbusier, dark earthy colors and a fireplace give the space the right manly atmosphere.

How about a game room in the house?

Latest projects

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Big things can be done even in a small space. The design of the student room is mainly focused on the use of space.
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Yellow children's room interior design with playful wallpaper
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Kids room design
Design of student rooms in a family house with acoustic panels
Cleverly designed student rooms in three variants are tuned to light tones in combination with oak wood decor.
Kids room design