Living room layout with kitchenette

Interior of a three-room apartment in a new building

Three-room apartment with a kitchenette in a new building, we designed for the client in light neutral colors with an accent of turquoise blue. The furniture is decorated in a laminate of light oak, gray gloss and turquoise. The kitchen worktop is made of 12 mm thick Corian and the wall is modified with a durable decorative spatula.

Take a look at another living room with kitchenette.

Latest projects

Children's room with storage space, Prague
The children's room, which is located in a panel house, is decorated in blue and gray, which is combined with white lacquer and simple patterned wallpaper.
Kids room design
Design of a well-ness massage studio, Brno
The interior of the wellness massage studio in Brno is tuned to earthy tones, which are complemented by wall panels in light wood decor and a structured concrete screed on the walls.
Hotel interior design
Student room design in green tones
The interior of the student room is decorated in green tones in combination with light oak wood decor and white elements on the furniture.
Kids room design
Livingroom design with a moss wall
The interior of the living room is decorated in earthy tones. However, the dominant color here is white, which in combination with the dark massif looks very luxurious.
Living room design
Reconstruction design of the hotel lobby and corridors
The hotel lobby is decorated in green in combination with yellow, which is projected on the ceiling panels and walls, as well as on the furniture elements.
Hotel interior design