Kitchen with solid wood floor

Kitchen with living room and dining room

Luxurious kitchen area with solid dark stained oak plank floor. A worktop is made of an artificial stone with Lacobel glass cladding, which took the wallpaper graphics from the dining table. Part of the tiling is magnetic and hides a folding space for kitchen details. The line is followed by an atypically shaped bar table with TON chairs.

Latest projects

Interior design of natural log bedroom with bathroom
A log bedroom with exposed beamed ceilings and solid flooring connects to a natural bathroom.
Bedroom design
Design of a family house in a modern style with home wellness
The clean design of the family house is underlined by the combination of oak wood with light stone cladding and structured screed.
Houses and apartments design
Interior design of a women's bedroom in red with its own dressing room
The women's bedroom with corner French windows is designed in a delicate feminine style using oak wood combined with red.
Bedroom design
Family house design in eclectic style
The family house in an eclectic style is tuned to beige tones with blue elements with contrasting white and black kitchen.
Houses and apartments design
Children's room for young ladies with yellow tonesto
The children's room for young ladies is decorated in yellow tones in combination with solid oak and parquet floors.
Kids room design