Kitchen design in turquoise-black and white combination

Kitchen with living room

      is designed in a modern style in a turquoise-black-white combination together with a light wooden floor made of bleached oak. A black compact top is used for the worktop and the bar / dining table. Untraditionally conceived tiling behind worktop. Behind the tempered glass, glued with a graphic motif, there is also a hinged storage space, for example for spices, knives, chopping boards, etc. In the living room, the main feature is a TV wall with a sliding element, behind which you can hide a TV or library.

Latest projects

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Children's rooms for four in the apartment were designed to use as much space as possible. Each of the rooms is decorated in different shades of colors, but they have one thing in common - bunk beds.
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Premium alcohol and cigar store in Prague - Vychutná
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Kitchen design of a small apartment with American elements
From the point of view, this interior gives the impression of an American sitcom, thanks to the striped structure, which is used both on the wall tiles and on the furniture elements.
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At first glance, this interior gives the impression of a quiet and moderate space, mainly due to the combination of neutral colors. ​
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