Kids room design

Children's room with colorful painting
In the attic room, there was a furnished children's room in a boyish tone, with a playful painting made of multicolored stripes.
Kids room design
Interior of a children's room with a playroom
The spacious children's room was divided by a plasterboard-shaped partition with openings. There is a bunk bed in the sleeping area and a games room in the second. The upper bed can be climbed by stairs assembled with cabinets. The lower bed is extended compared to the upper one, which means that it does not look so cramped. The children chose bright colors.
Kids room design
Children's rooms in bright colors
Two children's rooms for a boy and a girl are designed in the same style. One room is decorated in pink, which is combined with white and light wood on the furniture. Bright patterned wallpaper brightens the room and makes it more interesting. Pink is harmonized with purple accessories in the form of carpet and curtain. The furniture creates a clean impression due to the absence of handles on cabinets and drawers.
Kids room design
Interior of the room for student in purple and green
The room is situated in an apartment building and it is designed for girl student. The space is tuned to green-purple colors in combination with white furniture and black accessories. The room is enlivened with colorful carpet with strips in the same colors as the wall painting is.
Kids room design
Room interior design for girl and boy
Design of two rooms. One for a boy, the other for a girl. Both rooms are satisfied by the uniform design of the furniture, which looks simple. Each space is tuned to a different color. A shade of purple in combination with white and black was chosen for the young lady. To brighten up, there is a wallpaper with silhouettes behind the mirror. The boy's interior is worn in a shade of blue and is combined with light wood on white furniture. Again, there is a black and white wallpaper with numbers.
Kids room design

Interior design of children's room

The children's room is such a smaller apartment in the apartment. Its space contains the same zones that the apartment should have for adults. In one place it has a bedroom, living room, study and games room. A child's room design can also have significant stimulating effects on a child's intellect. We like to play with design and we are still learning. That's why it's our own and we still have those children in us!

Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of this space, the design of the children's room is important for the quality of your child's development and is an integral part of his future lifestyle!