Design proposal for the reconstruction of a 2 + 1 panel apartment in Brno

The design of a 2 + 1 panel apartment in Brno is carried in light tones with kerosene blue accents.

Lots of storage space

The apartment does not lack storage space, which is ingeniously designed here. As far as the kitchen is concerned, the handle-less cupboards provide enough space for storing kitchen utensils and the narrow open shelf by the window serves as a pantry. The kitchen uses a rebuilt apartment core.

Light bars

The living room has a corner gray sofa, there is also an armchair. The lighting in the whole apartment is solved using light strips, while plenty of natural light is provided by large windows. The light intensity can be regulated using blinds.


The bathroom is decorated in black and white, where this contrast is mitigated by oak tiles and floors. Hexagon-shaped tiles transitioning from white to black in an irregular line, thus creating a very pleasant and modern design.

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