Design of a residential, intelligently controlled interior of an apartment in Brno

The apartment, which looks very spacious and modern at first glance, also has a lot of goodies. This is an intelligently controlled interior of an apartment in Brno, which saves a lot of time and makes life easier for many people.

Details are important

The premises of the apartment are decorated in gray lacquer in high gloss, beige, all in combination with oak veneer, which is stained in dark brown tones of rosewood. The rooms are connected by a door with hidden door frames, which underline the purity of the design. A very nice detail is the sloping edge on the shelves and cabinet doors.

Smart lighting

There is also a richly designed home textile, whether it is curtains or drapes. As for lighting, it is solved by built-in lighting ramps and LED furniture lighting. Ceilings correct light and add to its naturalness. The lighting is also intelligently controlled throughout the apartment.

The apartment is dressed in wallpaper

The walls are very richly dressed in wallpaper, so there is also a decorative trowel.

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