Bedroom with a colonial touch

Modernly conceived colonial style

           in the design of a bedroom with an adjoining dressing room. The central element of the space is a double bed with a high mattress. Thanks to the backlit frame with a glass leg, the bed "levitates" in space. The luxurious impression is enhanced by a distinctive upholstered front with coffered wall paneling and a ceiling. Typical features include a Vintage armchair and a Rockstar chair at a ladies' dressing table.

Latest projects

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This modern kitchen and dining room interior features clean lines and a minimalist design. Light wooden floors and furniture combine natural and elegant elements that bring warmth and harmony to the space.
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Design of a cozy playroom for two children in a family house
This children's room is designed to provide a combination of functionality and pleasant aesthetics, which is ideal for families with children.
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Design of a modern attic bathroom in a family house with dark wood
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Design of a family house in a modern and simple style
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The design of a children's room with an emphasis on the practical use of space
Tento dětský pokoj je moderně a funkčně zařízený s důrazem na útulnost a praktické využití prostoru.
Kids room design