Bedroom with a colonial touch

Modernly conceived colonial style

           in the design of a bedroom with an adjoining dressing room. The central element of the space is a double bed with a high mattress. Thanks to the backlit frame with a glass leg, the bed "levitates" in space. The luxurious impression is enhanced by a distinctive upholstered front with coffered wall paneling and a ceiling. Typical features include a Vintage armchair and a Rockstar chair at a ladies' dressing table.

Latest projects

Design of a modern Utopy clothing store
Utopy's modern designer store is tuned to a combination of dark bold colors together with a light floor.
Shops and stores design
Design of an elegant living space of a family house with an accent of yellow
The living space of the family house is tuned to light tones in combination with black accessories and natural stone.
Living room design
Reconstruction of a children's room for a girl in pink tones combined with natural wood
The children's room for a girl is tuned to shades of pink in combination with a distinctive wood decor.
Kids room design
The design of a garden house with an outdoor kitchen and its own wellness area
The family house with a spacious modern garden has both an indoor pool and an outdoor kitchen.
House facade design
The design of a spacious modern bathroom in gray tones and oak decor
The spacious bathroom is decorated in gray tones, which are enlivened by the use of oak wood on the furniture elements.
Bathroom design