Bedroom with a colonial touch

Modernly conceived colonial style

           in the design of a bedroom with an adjoining dressing room. The central element of the space is a double bed with a high mattress. Thanks to the backlit frame with a glass leg, the bed "levitates" in space. The luxurious impression is enhanced by a distinctive upholstered front with coffered wall paneling and a ceiling. Typical features include a Vintage armchair and a Rockstar chair at a ladies' dressing table.

Latest projects

Design of a pink children's room with a studio in the attic
A children's room for a young lady is decorated in pink in combination with gray painting and playful wallpaper.
Kids room design
Design of a shop for handmade jewelry by Atelier LOOA, Brno
The interior of the LOOA store is decorated in light colors in combination with red, which is mainly found on the ceiling in a very interesting design.
Shops and stores design
Design of a rustic kitchen with a living room in soft blue and gray tones
In addition to shades of blue and gray, the living space is also dominated by a rustic floor, which carries the tones of the colors used in the interior.
Kitchen Design
Design of a student room with efficient use of space
Big things can be done even in a small space. The design of the student room is mainly focused on the use of space.
Kids room design
Design of premises and guest apartment by Radeton
Radeton is a company dedicated to routing cables and pipes, the focus of which is also reflected in the design of their training center.
Receptions and offices design