Bedroom with a colonial touch

Modernly conceived colonial style

           in the design of a bedroom with an adjoining dressing room. The central element of the space is a double bed with a high mattress. Thanks to the backlit frame with a glass leg, the bed "levitates" in space. The luxurious impression is enhanced by a distinctive upholstered front with coffered wall paneling and a ceiling. Typical features include a Vintage armchair and a Rockstar chair at a ladies' dressing table.

Latest projects

Interior design in a bungalow-type family house
When designing the interior of the bungalow-type house, mainly light pine wood was used for both the floor and furniture elements, such as the bar top.
Houses and apartments design
Home office design with rectification table
The home office with an orange accent is designed in an eclectic style. It is a chaotic style that can still create an absolutely magnificent looking interior. There is a combination of old and new elements.
Home offices
Design of a family house for a family of four in Brno
The family house for a family of four is dominated by elements accentuating yellow and blue.
Houses and apartments design
Modern interior of a family house with onyx tiles in the bathroom
The interior, which is dominated by mostly oak wood combined with gray and black elements, is designed in a modern style.
Houses and apartments design
Ground floor interior with turquoise accent
The interior of the living room with kitchen, which is designed in a modern classic style, has a blue color, which is combined with dark walnut.
Houses and apartments design