Open space ofiice

Interior of the open space office

The spacious interior of the open space office is decorated in light colors. The white floor and the painting on the walls are combined with the furniture in a light wood pattern, which looks soft and neat. An interesting element in the room are patterned wall panels, which simplify the office even more. The variety here is in the form of abundantly distributed spot ceiling lights.

There is also a place for work, where the workplaces are separated by gray partitions and a table with chairs for relaxation. The bright room is sufficiently brightened by large French windows with a black frame.


Latest projects

Kitchen design of a small apartment with American elements
From the point of view, this interior gives the impression of an American sitcom, thanks to the striped structure, which is used both on the wall tiles and on the furniture elements.
Kitchen Design
Interior design of a living room with a fireplace
At first glance, this interior gives the impression of a quiet and moderate space, mainly due to the combination of neutral colors. ​
Living room design
Restaurant / bistro / bar in the jungle style in Karlovy Vary
The premises of the restaurant in Karlovy Vary are in the jungle style, which has mainly floral elements on the wallpaper.
Restaurants interior design
Large apartment with marble elements and solid oak in Brno
The large apartment in Brno, which is decorated in gray and white tones, provides a magnificent view of the city, thanks to large French windows, which also provide the interior with plenty of natural light.
Houses and apartments design
Interior of a family house with rooms in the attic
The premises of the family house are decorated in light colors in combination with shades of gray, which occur on the furniture elements.
Houses and apartments design