Living room with kitchen in soft ocher tones

The entire interior of the house is tuned to very subtle tones of ocher, which is combined with white.


Subtle separation of zones

The solid floor with a distinctive wood texture, which is located in the part with the dining room and living room, is transformed into marble tiles, which visually separate the kitchenette, where there is also a bar. Another separating element is a backlit ceiling and a lamella separator.


The concrete trowel is in

The kitchen with a handle-less shiny cabinet door is complemented by a dark kitchen countertop and an ocher concrete spatula on the wall, which later appears on the ceiling above the sofa. This part of the ceiling is emphasized again by a backlit ceiling. The spacious light sofa with a massive side table is complemented by armchairs and two types of carpets.


Lighting is important

In addition to ceilings, the lighting of the rooms is also provided by designer luminaires, whether suspended or in the form of lamps and spot lights.

Luxury entrance hall

As for the spacious entrance hall, the biggest feature here is a sliding door with frosted glass and a corner with built-in cabinets in beige. In the next part there is a niche with a clothes rod and space for seating.

Further use of subtle color tones in the interior can be found here.

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