Design of the living space of a family house in blue

The living space of the family house is tuned to blue-grey tones in combination with solid oak.

Adjustable backrests

The spacious corner sofa offers not only the possibility of positioning the backrests, but also storage space in the chaise longue. As another seating option, a blue ear cushion can be used. Blue is used both on home textiles and accessories, as well as on the walls in the form of a concrete screed stretching behind the TV wall and over the ceiling to the opposite wall with windows.

Lots of natural light

French windows provide plenty of natural light to both the living room, dining room and kitchen, part of which is again visually separated by a concrete screed. This transitions into a black structured concrete screed connected to the kitchen counter with a kitchen island, above which there is a suspended ceiling hood with backlight. A moss painting is also used as a decoration here, adding liveliness to the interior.

Also get inspired by other living space designs.

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