Design of a modern kitchen and living room in a combination of dark marble and light wood

This modern kitchen and dining room interior features clean lines and a minimalist design. Light wooden floors and furniture combine natural and elegant elements that bring warmth and harmony to the space.

Sophisticated look

The dominant feature is the central kitchen island with stylish bar stools and black hanging lights that give the space a sophisticated look. A marble table with black legs and modern chairs in the dining area brings a touch of luxury to the room. Large windows provide plenty of natural light and views of the exterior, opening up the interior even more and connecting it with the outdoors.

Stylish elements

The central point of the living room is a comfortable gray sofa complemented by a stylish black coffee table that provides plenty of storage space. Bold circular ceiling lighting and modern pendant lamps add elegance to the rooms, while large windows provide plenty of natural light and beautiful views of the outdoors. Display cases with premium alcohol hang on the wall, which serve not only as practical storage, but also as an aesthetic element. The light wooden floors and neutral color palette of the entire space contribute to the feeling of airiness and openness.

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