Yellow children's room interior design with playful wallpaper

A children's room for two children with a bunk bed is tuned to yellow tones, several playful elements are also used here, which complement the whole atmosphere of the room.

Use of playful shapes

The yellow color dominates here, in the form of accessories and home textiles. But it is also reflected in the color of the chosen oak wood. This is used both on furniture elements and on the floor. The construction of the cot is complemented by rounded rectangles of different sizes and colors. It serves not only as a barrier at the top of the beds, but also as a drawer front under the bed, for example. The same shapes also appear on the wardrobe doors.

Colorful patterned wallpaper

The corner desk offers plenty of storage space in the form of drawers and a tall open bookcase. The space above the storage part of the table is used for a magnetic board, on which you can write with markers. The wall behind her is decorated with playful wallpaper with animals.

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