Playful children's room for two boys in the attic

The children's room, which is located in the attic, offers a large number of entertainment options. The playfulness is underlined by the chosen colors in combination with the playful wallpaper.

Ceiling slope

The beds under the ceiling slope offer both storage space and the possibility of a locker in the form of a tunnel cutout in the structure. There is a net attached to the slope, which extends through the ceiling to the opposite side of the room. The wall opposite the windows serves as a climbing frame, there are not only ladders, but also a climbing wall or slide. The space under the slide is used for storage boxes and as a house.

A place to relax

The center of the room serves as a relaxation / play area. A rocking bag is hung next to the ladders and there is also a bean bag by the wall with the TV.

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