Colorful children's room with a games room and a climbing wall

The children's room for two children - a boy and a girl - is decorated in different colors. However, the most common combination here is pink and blue.

House construction of cots

A room with two beds with the construction of a wooden house does not lack storage space. Whether it's drawers at a desk that is built for two workstations, or upper or lower cabinets. Boxes on the wall can either serve as a place to display toys, books and other things, they can also be used as storage space for less frequently used things.

Climbing wall in the game room

However, most of the storage space is located in the children's playroom. It is equipped with a climbing wall, ladders, but also a swing and a place to relax or play, which is a small table and bean bags.

Take a look at another interesting children's room design.

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