Modern interior design in a log cabin

When you say timbered, everyone is mainly reminded of wood. A wooden house with ceiling beams that look really great. And here you can see how to equip such a log house.

Strong accent colors

You will certainly be the first to be attracted by the strong accentuating colors. In the case of the kitchen, this distinctive color is yellow, which can be found on kitchen cabinets, which are combined with a stone worktop. The same concrete motif is used on the wall using a structured concrete trowel. The space above the glass dining table, which visually connects to the kitchen island, is made special by two designer hanging lamps. There is also a showcase for premium alcohol and service.

Fireplace as a stove

The living room, where the yellow slowly but surely turns into a distinctive red, is separated from the kitchen by two beige armchairs with a table, which forms a corner for relaxation opposite the fireplace, which is visually designed as a brick stove. The red spacious leather sofa boasts a living room in the middle of the living room, together with two side tables evoke a cozy homely atmosphere.

Attic bedroom

Using the spiral stairs leading around the fireplace, we get to the first floor, where there are many spacious bedrooms. The attic part of the room is used as a niche for a built-in wardrobe, under the windows there is another relaxation place with designer leather armchairs with a metal base and there is also a high quality bed.

The same bed in a different shade is then located in the second bedroom, where the attic niche is again used as a corner to relax.

Houses of various kinds

The children's room is interesting with a built-in set along the entire length of the wall extending to the window, where the cutouts in the form of houses are each used in a different spirit. From the first, a closing wardrobe is formed, next to it there is a chalk board, in the next sitting there is a storage space and, last but not least, an open bookcase by the window. There is also a bed, a hammock in the middle of the room and plenty of space to relax.

Bathroom with everything

At the end, of course, there is also a spacious bathroom, where for a change accented mainly red color in combination with brown carpets and black elements. Walk in the shower, which is separated from the rest of the bathroom only by a glass panel or a bathtub as a solitaire? All this bathroom offers.

You can find another similar interior here.

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