Loft hobby space design with multi-purpose use in blue

The attic hobby space can be used in several ways. The color blue is mainly used here, either in the form of painting or accessories.

Living room or home cinema?

A sofa is placed under the ceiling slope together with built-in storage both at the entrance and along the ceiling slope. As an alternative to the sofa, a hanging swing, also in blue, serves for relaxation. On the opposite wall, there is a screen with a projector, thanks to which the premises can also be used as a home cinema. But there is also a television mounted on the wall.

Hidden relaxation zone

The free space in front of the windows can be used for strengthening, in addition, the space is equipped with, for example, rings or ladders. Behind the sliding mirror doors there is a free space for storing things, as well as a corner with a makeshift bed and a reading room located below it. The rooms are also connected by a circular and semi-circular opening in the partition.

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