Design of a spacious apartment in yellow tones with a roof terrace with a view

The spacious rooftop apartment offers not only comfortable and modern facilities, but also an attractive view of the city from the terrace.

Yellow accent

A living space with a yellow accent, which dominates the interior mainly in the form of decorations or furniture elements. A spacious kitchen with a kitchen island connected vertically to a dining table with six dining chairs.

Nature in the kitchen

The living wall includes both lockable storage space and a spacious open bookcase on either side of the backlit workspace. The structured concrete screed that decorates the wall shines through behind the shelves. The part near the kitchen is enriched with wall-mounted flower pots.

Squeegee and wallpaper

A cozy bedroom with a spacious upholstered bed is decorated with gray slats and concrete screeds in white. An interesting element is the wallpaper with a floral pattern, which is used on two walls, even behind the workplace. On the opposite side, there is a built-in white wardrobe with black details and oak wood decor.

Roof seating

The larger and smaller bathroom with a separate toilet are matched in gray, thanks to the large-format tiles and tiles with a slight annealing. Thanks to gray and white, even the oak wood stands out on the furniture elements. An important part of the apartment is also a rooftop seating area with a shelter providing a wonderful view of the city.

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