Home office design with rectification table

The home office with an orange accent is designed in an eclectic style. It is a chaotic style that can still create an absolutely magnificent looking interior. There is a combination of old and new elements.

Solid pine wood

An important role here is played by solid pine wood, which is located here not only in the form of floors, but also doors. Light wood contrasts with black accessories such as door frames, handles or straight paintings.

Rectifying furniture

The office is equipped with rectification tables, so they can be adjusted in height as needed. Pine wood also forms the storage space behind the tables, which is followed by black perforation panels with various hanging accessories - shelves, pencil stands, notebook stands or various fastening clips.

A place to relax

The black painting on the wall stretches into the relaxing part of the study with the library, where there is both a sofa and an armchair. Panels with hanging boxes on the wall add liveliness to the space. The space is complemented by a classic Persian rug on the floor.

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