Bright home office for the lady of the house

The home office with a spacious corner desk is decorated in light wood tones combined with gold wallpaper.

Spacious work desk

The room is dominated by a large corner desk with a side storage area, which is situated diagonally from the front door. It is complemented by two seats for clients in the form of armchairs and one office chair. A smaller window on the side wall is framed by a magnetic bulletin board.

Lots of space in a small room

There is also plenty of storage space, which extends along the entire length of the wall behind the desk and passes over the corner to the side wall almost to the door to the study. The white shelves are enriched with gold wallpaper, which is even more accentuated by the ambient lighting. The corner oak shelf provides both open space for books and folders, as well as closed lower cabinets. An interesting element here is the lamination of the door and the back of the rack.

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