Bedroom interior design with two wood options

The interior of a spacious bedroom in a family house is designed in two different variants, which differ from each other in the wood used.

Dark walnut veneer...

In the first version of the design, dark walnut veneer is used as cladding, which is also incorporated into the door. At the same time, the walnut veneer creates a cozy corner at the head of the bed, where it is used not only on the walls but also on the ceiling. In addition to the walnut veneer, the space is also varied with the help of a concrete trowel.

...or annealed wood

The second variant of the bedroom is interesting mainly due to the use of annealed wood on furniture elements, such as a bed or a dressing table. As with the previous variant, the annealed veneer is also used as a lining around the bed.

And which option do you like the most? Check out more here.

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