Design of retro colored bathroom, Brno

If someone likes crayons, this interior, decorated in pastel shades, is exactly for them. This bathroom is designed in a retro style, as evidenced not only by the chosen colors of furniture elements and paintings, but also by the choice of tiles.


Retro everywhere you look

The spacious bathroom with a bathtub and a hanging washbasin cabinet is a combination of green and pink, which is perfectly complemented by patterned tiles and white tiles behind the bathtub with a glass partition.


Color accessories

Not only are the dominant elements here in the colors already mentioned, but the additional equipment is not left behind. Steps, ladder heating or curtains all sit in the space as embroidered.


LED backlight

The space above the bathtub is illuminated by ambient backlighting in the ceiling. As for the toilet with laundry, the same colors and tiles are used here, as well as ambient lighting using LED tape under the cabinets.

Here you can see the design of another retro interior.

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