Receptions and offices design

Austrian Energy & Environment - Offices and representative spaces
Austrian Environment & Energy - company facilities and representative premises We help modern companies create offices that respect the corporate identity and visual style. Spaces in gray tones are enhanced by red accessories in the form of carpets, cushions or frames around the elevators. It is combined with light green and in some rooms dark blue on the walls or furniture.
Receptions and offices design

Interior design of receptions, offices, openspaces and meeting rooms.

Commercial interiors serving modern companies must, in addition to the function itself, also respect the corporate identity, culture and visual style. It's no secret that a quality work environment stimulates higher productivity and will captivate your new customers. Our task is to build on these aspects and develop them into a spatial presentation of your dynamic company.

Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of this space, the design of commercial space is an integral part of your company's communication to both customers and your employees. Interior design is then an integral part of the lifestyle of your product, service or the whole company!